The Culpable Corporate Mind


Corporations: Artful and Artificial Dodgers of the Law

18 June 2021- Prof Elise Bant.

This talk will explain a revolutionary new approach that draws on the work of philosophers, law reform and courts to lay bare the culpable corporate mind. Simple and powerful, it provides an answer to the artful excuses offered by corporations that, up till now, have allowed many to dodge their responsibilities for serious wrongdoing.

Hosted by SymbioticA, an artistic laboratory at UWA dedicated to the research, learning, critique and hands-on engagement with the life sciences.

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The Culpable Corporate Mind


Culpable Corporate Minds Workshop

13-15 December 2021- A blended events, with both in-person and online contributors, and hosted at UWA.

This event will delve into four themes
1) Models of the Corporate Mind, 2)Unpacking Corporate Mindsets, 3) Corporate Culpability Applied, and 4) Corporate Culpability in Context

More information to follow.

Upcoming Related Event:

Private and Commercial Law Conference 2021

10-11 December 2021- Professor Bant will be presenting related content at this conference.

More information to follow.

Joint Launch of Misleading Silence and Unravelling Corporate Fraud

04 March 2021- Two important new contributions to the law regulating serious commercial misconduct were launched on March 4th, 2021 by Justice James Edelman of the High Court of Australia.

Misleading Silence (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2020), edited by Professors Elise Bant and Jeannie Paterson, brings together the insights of leading scholars on the spectrum, boundaries and roles of the private law norms and principles that seek to prevent, deter and remedy misleading conduct.

The event also marked the launch of Professor Bant’s Future Fellowship FT190100457 on ‘Unravelling Corporate Fraud’. Drawing on lessons from the misleading conduct project, it aims to develop a new model for understanding and proving the elusive corporate state of mind. This is critical to holding large and complex corporations to account for serious commercial misconduct in modern commerce.

Corporations and Equity Conference – hosted by Professor Elise Bant.

18 February 2021

Sessions included:

  • Trust and commerce in historical perspective
  • Equity’s attribution rules
  • Systems of miscount: corporate culpability and unconscionability
  • The best interests duty in cases of corporate charities
  • Statutory duties and ratification: untangling the maze

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