Unravelling Corporate Fraud’ Publications

Submission to the Perth Crown Royal Commission 14 May 2021 (pdf 99.2kb)

Submission to the Victorian Crown Royal Commission, submitted 17 May 2021 (pdf 91kb)

Senior Counsel Meg O’ Sullivan, assisting the Victorian Royal Commission read from Dr Bant’s submission to the Commission on 24 May 2021, relating to issues surrounding money laundering. Watch the full recording (May 24th) or skip to 34 minutes to view Dr Bant’s citation.

Elise Bant, ‘Culpable Corporate Minds’ (2021) 48(2) University of Western Australia Law Review (forthcoming) (pdf 627kb)

Related Publications

Read more about Professor Elise Bant’s work in the UWA Research Repository and in the ALRC review into Corporate Criminal Responsibility’.

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