The Culpable Corporate Mind

The Culpable Corporate Mind (Hart Publishing, Oxford), edited by Professor Elise Bant, sets out the need for, and shape of, principled and practical reform of the legal frameworks regulating egregious corporate misconduct.

Given the primacy of corporations in modern commerce, effective legal frameworks for regulating highly culpable corporate behaviour are essential. A broad array of common law, equitable and statutory doctrines seek to prohibit and remedy commercial fraud. However, these doctrines tend to demand proof of highly culpable states of mind on the part of defendants. These requirements are problematic when applied to corporate defendants.  

This collection exposes how the current, restrictive and complex rules for attributing individual’s intentions and knowledge to the artificial corporate person threaten to render core doctrines and principles of the law unfit for purpose. Internationally-renowned scholars bring their expertise to bear on this problem, drawing insights from the full spectrum of private law fields, as well as criminal law, legal history, and moral and legal philosophy. The result is a set of solutions that are principled, practical and essential reading for the rigorous application of our existing laws, and for just and effective reform.

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