Explore presentations and recordings relating to both Unravelling Corporate Fraud and it’s related project Developing a Rational Law of Misleading Conduct

PRESENTATION: 27 March 2023 at Selwyn College Cambridge

Corporate Mistakes

PRESENTATION: 24 March 2023 at London School of Economics

Corporate culture and systems intentionality: part of the regulator’s essential toolkit. Follow this link for more details.

LISTEN: 17 January 2022: CCTL Obligations Lab Asia book talk – ‘Punishment and Private Law’

Introduced by Professor Normann Witzleb of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and presented by Professor Elise Bant.

LISTEN: 13 October 2021: Professor Bant discussing ‘Systems Intentionality’ with Elsa Silberstein, ABC Goldfields Radio.

WATCH: 30 September 2021: Professor Bant discussing the ALRC’s inquiry on simplifying corporations and financial services regulation

PRESENTATION: 17 May 2021. Presentation to the State Solicitor’s Office

‘Systems Intentionality’: laying bare the culpable corporate mind (pdf 412kb)

WATCH: 04 MARCH 2021. The launch by Justice James Edelman of two important new contributions to the law regulating serious commercial misconduct – Misleading Silence (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2020), edited by Professors Elise Bant and Jeannie Paterson, and Professor Bant’s Future Fellowship project, Unravelling Corporate Fraud.

The event is introduced by UWA Dean of Law, Professor Natalie Skead.

Misleading Silence (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2020), edited by Professors Elise Bant and Jeannie Paterson, brings together the insights of leading scholars on the spectrum, boundaries and roles of the private law norms and principles that seek to prevent, deter and remedy misleading conduct. The collection is a significant research achievement for Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP180100932 ‘Developing a Rational Law of Misleading Conduct’.

The event also marks the launch of this project, Professor Bant’s Future Fellowship FT190100475 on ‘Unravelling Corporate Fraud’. Drawing on lessons from the misleading conduct project, it aims to develop a new model for understanding and proving the elusive corporate state of mind. This is critical to holding large and complex corporations to account for serious commercial misconduct in modern commerce.

WATCH: 02 DEC 2020. Professor Elise Bant speaks about Unravelling Corporate Fraud

As recordings and presentations from the project become available, they will be available on this page.
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